Introducing Pink Christmas, by Annelie McKenzie. A charming surface design and illustration collection that effortlessly captures the essence of a soft, vintage still life – a delightful shelf adorned with Grandma's cherished trinkets. This endearing assortment is skillfully transformed into a captivating surface design pattern featuring an array of spot illustrations, from whimsical snow globes to graceful reindeer. Infused with a palette dominated by the warmth of pink hues, the collection blooms with the delicate beauty of poinsettias.

Perfectly suited for a variety of applications, these artworks are a dream for art directors seeking unique and heartwarming designs. Ideal for adorning gift bags, wrapping paper, and cards, this collection invites a sense of nostalgia while adding a touch of festive charm to any project. Elevate your creative endeavors with this enchanting assortment that promises to captivate hearts and spark joy.
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