I have many artworks and patterns up in online shops - please explore!

• Society 6 - Has everything under the sun! 
Fave product: Framed Art Prints 
Unique product: Credenzas! 
Check out this still life inspired by a Frida Kahlo painting!  

• Red Bubble - also has an extensive list of products.
Fave Product: Zipper Pouches
Unique Product: Pet Mats and Pet bandanas! 
This Silver-Spotted Tiger Moth is my fave pouch design.

• Tee Public - mostly t-shirts of course - pick a design, then a fit, then the tshirt color! 
Fave Product: I love the Male Fit Tri-Blend T-Shirt (Extra Soft). 
Unique Product: The Female Fit Slouchy T-Shirt is pretty cool and different. 
Check out this Bright Blue Beetle tee that I love!

• Le Galeriste - high end clothing which is hand sewn in Montreal.
Fave Product: The Alice Tube Scarf is soft and lovely. 
Unique Product: The Chloe Sleeveless Jumpsuit!!
Direct link to my fave tube scarf with watercolor flowers on it. 

• Zazzle - obsessed with the NOTEBOOKS! (just starting over here)
Fave Product: Spiral 8.5x11 inch notebooks with half lined/half sketch paper. 
Unique Product: The heart shaped notebook! 

• Amazon Merch - I have a few products up here but there is no "storefront." 

Shein - I did a women's plus line of clothes here!
Unique Piece: this denim jacket!
This skirt and top set turned out to be the most popular.

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